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Injured Ironworker on WTC 9/11 pile search and cleanup 3 mos. comp case


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on 03/18/2024 21:16:35

 Is anyone familiar with the New York State Workers comp/NYSIF rules, courts or how to make progress. I was denied by 50 attorneys/BAR help for Anything since 9/11/2001. I don't even know what kind of courts they are. I had to leave the US for medical care. Living in Thailand 2016. I'm ruled 100% total permanent disabled since 2012. The Insurance Co threatened my Drs to lie several times. They were that scared. All of them. Typical NY workers comp BS hoping to find the best way to full closure with this "Insurance Co." involved in my healthcare. Theres also a 911 fund I have no lawyer to help access. I'm seriously searching for a Common Law remedy. Never done the RoE etc. Hoping for a consult here or direction.