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CA Landlord for taking my mom's (his former tenant) property after she passed.

Greetings and blessings!

My mom passed and her landlord is my neighbor. He told me to take my time getting her property out because he wasn't in any hurry and he preferred someone else checking on the property since it was 30 miles outside of town. After 7 months we had a talk and he gave me a date (21 days from the talk) when he wanted everything out because he had a buyer for the property. I told him I'd have it all out By the 21st day. 9 days later he had a crew of people remove all of her things from the property. He called to let me know he was going to be working on the property but I didn't know he was having her things, to include keepsakes, hauled off. Like Chris says, I don't sue I lien. Even though no amout of money will replace the things he stole. I have the texts, conversations and phone calls about our oral contract to list as the facts. But that's as far as I've got so far. I don't know what conditions to demand or what injuries to list or how much cheese to demand. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!!

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Conditions- Return everything in the condition it was in before it was stolen. Whatever else you want, a written letter of apology? A foot rub? A framed 3' by 4' portrait of your mother in oil on canvas? What do you think he would have to do to make things right?

List every single injury. Anything that hurts even a little.

It sounds like some of what you lost has value that cannot be measured with money because it cannot be bought but unfortunately you're going to have to settle for money and the value of what you lost is to you so you're the only one who can assign a dollar amount.

My condolences and good luck.