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Claim of Lien

Cleavon Thompson

How do I file the claim of lean? I have sent conditional acceptance and haven’t gotten a response and the days I allowed have passed.


I need help with this too please??

I also need help with this, please

Clean hands Matrix

Is this the proper process?
Send conditional acceptance
Then 30 days to pay the defaulted and accepted contract
Then 15 days to pay the defaulted and accepted contract
Then the 10 days time to cure or pay in full or lien will be filed
Then file the lien at the county clerks (or proper clerk of record)
After you file the documents with the county clerk then you can send that copy to the Treasury with the 1099a with along with the secured instrument ?
How would you give the assignment the IRS and Treasury for collection?

Finn: Sol

In this particular situation, I strongly suggest you contact the Legalibus Team and request a private consultation. I am 100% sure you will get all the help with that particular case.