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Had A Issue at The Post Office

Bryan Pelaez

I have had no issue's up until I received a return to sender, claiming that I owed 7dollars. Immediately I wrote on a piece of paper Attn: Supervisor please look this up IMM 742.1 & 742.2 and call me so that we may avoid any recourse. Dropped it off with one of the clerks and although I never did get a phone call, I did however continue to mail out with no more issue's. Keep in mind I run my own credit repair business, Once you get over that feeling its as if your doing something wrong the confidence sets in. My level of confidence is breath of fresh air. I study not only do I listen to audio Chris thank you for the truth. I have purchased so many books I am glued to the computer and Im beginning to understand how it all works, I am full fledged 100% taking every step to separate  myself from my entity, regaining ownership and I'm not afraid of what may well be in my path, Im ready in my mind for the tribunal. I am currently studying so that I may be a trustee for those who don't know how. Only I'm going to start a GROUP I am a you tube creator so this will be a course I will teach those who want a trustee. For one as long youfollow your God Given right there can't be know wrong, but the line is a fine line. I have the instructions for bankers to do what is called A Grantor Type Trust where you would be the trustee to your self but its not easily done meaning there are steps you must take like separating yourself human from entity thats two individuals right there. 18 page pdf very informative and easy to understand.Also look up Publication 4681 on the IRS website for forms and that will explain how to use a 1099c .

Jasmine Peterson

Hello, I'm interested in learning this knowledge. Please email me when you start thank you in advanvce.


Hi Brian, would you mind to send me the copy of that 18 pages pls? Thx for the info.

Sheila DiTirro

Can you send me an email or post a photo of how you're labeling your mail. becasue it is costing me big time. My sister has been taking them in for me and some have been sent using a sticker in the upper left corner stating this:
First Class U.S. Mail
Statutory Non-Domestic Fully Pre-Paid
12 Stat. at Law, Ch 71, Sec. 23
Federal Offense to collect additional postage (in red)
18 USC 1726 ["without the United States"] and
NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES but now they are getting sent back to me even after they have been bopped it. I've tried the legalibus way with the red thumbprint and the clerks complained about the seal. Like UGH! Like there's not a thousand fingerprints on the mail. I had put this in the name sticker: First Name Last Name sui juris
FOREIGN Office of Origin
c/o Street Avenue – 1317 #311
City, State and Zip
Non-Domestic Without The U.S.
and I had this posted underneath my name:
18 U.S. Code § 1701: Obstruction of mails generally…
USPS International Mail Manual
742.1 Marking Postage Paid
742.2 Parcels wo Stamps – treat as Pre Paid In the top right I had this: POSTAGE PAID – TAXE PERCUE (In red)
UPU RL 114 (2.2)
____________________stamp/seal (with a hand written date)
FOREIGN Office of Origin this time it cost me $286.00 plus $90.00 because I had to do an amendment. I got advice to do my name like this: First Name Last sui juris
c/o 1317 Street Avenue Apt 311
City non-domestic near State
Without the United States
[zip code exempt DMM 602 1.3 e. (2)] but wouldn't this code make me Domestic? or even like this:
General Post-Office
First Name Last © a living woman
c/o 1317 Street Avenue Apt 311
City, State non domestic,
Zip Exempt, without The United States; but then for the right corner he was using the fingerprint the way I did it the last time. This is exhausting. Please send me an email to I'd appreciate any insight you can offer as soon as posible; because I have another 30 to send out.

Melissa Samoraj

Hi. Could you point me in the right direction as to what papers need to be filed first? I've been studying for over a year and want to make sure that I follow the correct steps so as not to be turned down or have my papers sent back to no avail. I appreciate your time. Thanks.