Help - Free Mailing


You have gone through the courses and you need further help, let's discuss it here.


mail items for free


I was not successful in my first attempt, I ended up paying $30 to mail my items. They stated I had to pay for the service which I did not. Then I disputed the matter the following day with a manager and assistant manager she basically stated shell go against the law and that she does not care. Then while taking my children to the park, I found a postal worker and asked nicely could I give these to him and he said "sure" All items were mailed and received. 

On the right top corner i wrote in a pre label seal in a box No Postage necessary If Mailed IN THE UNITED STATES. To  the left I wrote  

First Class U.S Mail                                                                                                                                     Statutory Non-Domestic Fully Pre-Paid                                                                                                    1 Stat, at LAw. CH 71, Sec 23                                                                                                                   (in red) Federal offense to collect additional fund                                                                              18 USC 1726[without the United States]