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USPO = Bank in Common Law USPS = Mail Office in Commerce

On Friday December 30th I went to a Post Office in Pennsylvania to mail some things. I won't go into all the minutiae of the experience however what I want to tell everyone is that a postal employee admitted to me, in front of my partner, that the USPO is a bank. 

She was holding a roll of registered mail stickers and I asked her if I could have six of them. She told me no, I cannot give you these. When I asked why she said "BECAUSE THEY ARE OWNED BY THE BANK"

So I pointed out that I can easily go to the internet and order a whole roll if I wanted to. She said yes you can. So then I asked what the differance was. She told me that when the bank mails me  roll every number on that roll is assigned to me personally. 

I asked her if I can use those stickers to monetize documents and she said "you're a smart lady, you know what's going on"

She also told me that that between Thanks Giving and Christmas the entire Postal system computers were updated and now when you send something REGISTERED MAIL you have to tell them the value of the document. This is NOT insurance. 

Registered mail get put in a locked safe and is hand carried to the recipient. If it is going across country it will take a long time because it is NOT allowed to go on a plane. 

Olga Houston

wow great info! So that roll that free in the usps online, has numbers and the can be used to mail out? same as the number ones the clerks have at the post office?


Untrue... They have no value till they are registered and are you are able to get as many as you like... I had this discussion with my Post Master.. I told her if she looks at the DMM it says it not accountable till registered so they can hand out as many as requested...same with certified labels... I requested 30 registered labels and she was umm no.. and I told her ummm yes and according to your DMM and IMM they are not accountable items... would you like me to contact the Post Master Inspector General and see what he has to say about this.. She gave me the deer in the headlight look then said hang on one minute while I verify this... I handed her a paper with the DMM and IMM codes along with the copy of Title 18 Mail crimes. She took them back and looked them up.. come back out said you are correct sir let me get those for you.... The other workers freaked out... just as he explained in the vid... But yes the value comes in the registration and how to use them properly in commerce.. be in peace God speed.

Sheila DiTirro

Are you having any luck sending your Certified Register Mail for free? I tried it with the fingerprint and it cost me $286.00; I used a prepaid sticker with the the statement NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED IN THE UNITED STATES on a sticker that said First Class Mail, Statutory Non-Domestic Fully Pre Paid, 12 Stat. at Law, Ch 71, Sec 23, Federal Offence to collect additional postage (in red), 18 USC 1726 ["without the United States"] It worked once but the last time it came back to me after they bopped it. Yesterday I used a sticker with my fingerprint on it: underneath my name I place a sticker with theses codes and the website: 18 U.S. Code § 1701: Obstruction of mails generally… USPS International Mail Manual 742.1 Marking Postage Paid 742.2 Parcels wo Stamps – treat as Pre Paid and in the address label with my name I put: FOREIGN Office of Origin and Non-Domestic Without the U.S.I have another 30 CA I need to get out and I don't want to pay another $300.00 dollars. Any suggestions? Is anyone having any consistency with sending mail for free?