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Capital One Cancelled Me

Andrea l Apple

I sent my coupon certified mail, to the CEO and headquarters of the Capital One. (I did receive my return receipt) I made sure to put all necessary information on the coupon as instructed by the How to Pay Bills with Coupon Course, I added my bene signature, along with UCC codes requirements. They sent me a letter closing my account and told me I still owe them money.

 I have not tried to contact them about this yet, but realize that since they accepted my payment, I now have to contest the fact that they did not accept my attempt to settle my debt via certified mail. 

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Derek Keane
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🙂 Good. Now you send in your Conditional Acceptance: That is how you contact them. 

No need to contest, just state the fact and harm to you.

Put in it that they have already accepted what you sent as valid payment, so they never should have closed your account. 

Baaaaaad trustee.

By their actions, they are saying you owe nothing at all, as well.

You never did. It was your money to begin with and they concealed that from you (Concealment Fraud).

They gave you your money and tricked you into thinking that it was Their money they "loaned" you, and that you had to pay it back..and you acted on that.

Chris' videos (the 4 in his C.A. course) lay it out: hammer them. 

It is a Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

No small act, at all.