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Discover Debt Discharge Through Payment Coupon

I would like to use this post as a means for everyone who has experience with discharging credit card debt and or getting their accounts into do not pay do not collect status.

I'll go first, I am new to this so I was expecting to be able to call my credit card provider (discover) and talk to them about remittance payments. As assumed I was met with a lot of confusion. I came into contact with a woman who told me her name was Capitol. She was the only one who knew what I was talking about but didn't give any true valuable information other than she is familiar with receiving coupons with UCC codes on them as payment.

I am still searching and am yet to find information on the Discover website or credit card agreement regarding this information.

if anyone has insight on how we as a collective can push forward our processes and discharge credit card debt and or get into the do not pay do not collect status, please drop it here.

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Russ A
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Ok, I'm working on some debt discharges through coupon/affidavit & I will definitely keep you guys posted.

This site has already changed my life.  Thanks so very much LEGALIBUS!!

Love from Alaska,