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How can I use my Cestui Que trust if it has matured. I am older than 65.

Robert Vogt

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on 02/22/2023 01:00:57

I understand I from a video by Chris Hauser, (How to Pay Bills With the Coupon) when the Trust attains the age of 65, the Trust matures and one is tricked into making Social Security the trustee. He indicated something changes but it wasn't clear what changes. I am still the beneficiary as I am receiving the monthly benefits. Can someone show me where I can get more information about this situation. If I had known this information sooner, I could have paid down or paid off my mortgage before I turned 65. 

I continued to be employed into my 70's and contributed to my SS trust fund. If I can continue to contribute to it, why can't I use it to pay my bills.?