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Keep your accounts open...When to pay in full

For those wondering if your account will be closed 

on Credit Cards if you pay the full amount.
The CC "service" is how they make their "money".
If you pay it off in "full" they are not getting anything in return, 

so why keep it open if you "know" how to handle your business?
Leave them a small precentage and that 

should give them reason to leave your account open.

All other company "services" like internet, phone, ect...
they are providing a "service" (product) which is ok to pay in full.
just my 2cents

Tina Scott

Keep them open so you can use them when you can't buy things with a 1099a right then, then you can pay the bill with another coupon and keep doing that.


I was thinking. With the trust, we are 50% beneficiary, 50% co-executor, and only signatory. With normal practice a signature creates cash for the loan then the full amount is paid back. This is their executor fee. SO.. What if I double the amount on the coupon and spell out that half is for their expenses? Perhaps only a fair 20% more... Was also thinking that paying the interest for up to 90 days would be staying in honor so long as the remittance letter explains it's not agreeing or contracting, but being honorable until they credit the special payment and that expect that to be credited back once the payment is processed..


I haven't done any coupons yet...still learning, but this raises a question. I pay my credit card in full each month. I'm only using it to gain the cash back. They don't close my account when paying in full with a check. Why would they close the account if you paid in full with a coupon? (I only pay the statement amount and there are other later charges still on the card.) Is there any indication that people who only pay the statement amount rather than the full amount are having their accounts left open?