Help - The 1099-A Process


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1099-A and 1099-C

David Grieb

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on 02/16/2023 16:38:39

I would like to know the answer to this do you send the 1099-A to the company's finacial department with a letter. Then when they dont send it back. You then send a copie of the 1099-A you sent or another one to the CEO or CFO with a letter registerd mail. Then if that does not work you send a conditional exceptance. Now we have a person who is saying we can just discharge the debt with a 1099-C. in all the videos I have watched and all the resources I have gone to this is the 1st time hearing this so it would be great to learn more about the 1099-C filing to dicharge debt. I am new to all of this have been watching Chris and others for about 4 months now trying to learn this stuff it is a lot. i will say I never wanted to lewrn something like I want to learn this. It is so important that we come together helping one another and then helping more teaching and training others.