Help - The 1099-A Process


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1099-A for broker (purchase of property)


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on 05/15/2024 01:00:58

Hi there!

Hoping this message gets through to Chris. First and foremost, God bless you. I have not slept in a week and working diligently to consume this information. I just finished the last video in the 1099-A series, "What's on the Horizon."

I have skimmed through the forums and comments in search of someone who has had experience with the purchase of property through the 1099-A process. My family has been in real estate for generations and my grandfather has been a broker for over 40 years. 

I have primed him for what I am looking to present with the guidance of this course and we are meeting next week. He is always open-minded and willing to learn and to listen to me and his connections run deep. 

After listening to the last video about the broker that Chris has connected with this sounds the most similar to the type of relationship/dynamic I am looking to create through his brokerage firm. My ultimate goal is to have all 3 parties (the beneficiary, the trustee and the seller) aligned to the process and bypass a lot of the bullshit. 

I know your time is your most valuable asset and all advice is greatly appreciated. I would love to connect you with him if you find this of interest and get off the ground running.

I cannot thank you enough for your time, patience and dedication to the most High.