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Australian Equivalents

John Andrews

Do we have identified the equilavent forms to do the process in Australia and if they are available from the Treasury in Australia or the Australian Tax Office?

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Hey John,
I am in SE QLD and have been looking in to this for a little while.
From what I understand, we use the same U.S. Treasury forms as the Commonwealth of Australia is a registered security with the SEC.

These are just a few resources I have found over the past couple days which imply this is true:


This one is important as many documents require a (TIN) which is the U.S. version of our Tax File Number. How I understand this is that our TFN is equal to the TIN, however I am still trying to work out the correlation between the Social Security Number (SSN) applicable to U.S. men & women VS. men & women in the land known as Australia.


COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA listing on U.S. Stock Exchange:

STATE OF QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA listing on U.S. stock exchange:

I am currently going through the process with a buddy of mine & we have created a live working document using OneNote & we are completely dedicated to working this all out.

If you or any other men and women from the land down under aka Australia are in here and would like to link up, share information, have a chat, go through the process together, please email me!

Email address: