Help - The 1099-A Process


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My all caps name & my EIN

Rebecca K Murphy

I have been acting as trustee for months for several beneficiaries.  We have no word on any of the paperwork filed. I heard a gentlemen on one of the calls saying a real estate broker was his trustee and they used their EIN number on his paperwork and it was something like a matter of a few months and he has confirmation of funds being paid. My all caps name is a corporation, and I get an EIN number with my all caps name, and I know how to properly fill out the paperwork, I am a legit trustee, correct? 

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I also have a trust in my all caps name with an EIN. I was planning to have my trustee deposit all my 1099a funds in there so as to not co-mingle any other funds. My trustee has a trust in his all caps name that we are planning to use on the 1099OID and 1040v. The trust is set up under contract law, common law and non-taxable. Are we good to go ?