Help - The 1099-A Process


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NY Property Tax Foreclosure in 2 Weeks

Russell Lee

I have written 3 emails to CH and getting no response.  I had intended to pay my property taxes with a 1099-a but then I read that no one has received any funding since April 2022.  That kind of situation will not resolve the back taxes issue and my home will be auctioned off after Feb 28 if nothing is done.  I'm 72, on SS income, widowed and I cannot accept losing my home that I raised my family in since 1978.

A neighbor is offering to buy my property on a land contract.  Another friend is mulling a deal to loan me his money and paying it back with a 1099-a.  But if the 1099-a is not coming through with the funding, what other options can I exercise?  Can a conditional acceptance to my county work to recoup my losses?

Sometimes I feel that the US government has left us "high and dry," first with their promise to pay our public debts and then taking away any workable remedy.