Help - The 1099-A Process


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Opening a Treasury direct account


Do we need to open an treasury direct account at

or get an 88 number and if so why


Lisa, I would like to know this, too.

In addition, I tried the "contact us" part to pose a question, but google keeps saying "suspicious activity", which meant I couldnt pose my question through "contact us":

I'm therefore placing it here:

I've worked through this site and a few recommended sites, and right now I'm still struggling with one little step to finalize the 1099 transaction :its the trustee Parr...

Now, bearing in mind that I'm in A precarious situation and that things are fast moving, I would like to suggest the following payment METHODS for this final bit of info [becoming a trustee so our family can finally move ahead]
1. Give You a 1099a for the price you charge OR...
2. You calculate how much it will cost us to pay you out rightly in exchange for the info on how a trustee fills in forms, which forms specifically [now I'm not talking 1099a, 1096 and 1099OID.] i'm talking all the steps from start to finish to get the $$into the trustee's bank account, so we can at least get a homestead that WE ALL can move onto;

Thank you in anticipation : Christian


How is that going Christian?