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Signing back of 1099-a


I recently filed a 1099-a with my landlord to purchase the property. I didn't understand when I filled it out I was supposed to peal copy b and c away from copy a and only sign copy a, also on CH video he used the beneficiary format but did not include beneficiary after his name on the front of the form. Should I refile, is there a way to make corrections? It was sent the end of April. I'm afraid if it gets rejected my landlord won't push for another try. The property has lots of standing timber and the landlord really wants a check. Lmk if I can do anything or if it's not that big of deals. Thank you

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steve E
Best Answer

You can send in a corrected form later. Fill it out just like the first one check corrected box. 

Sign the back with beneficiary signature.