Help - The 1099-A Process


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Two separate interactions with the Treasury Department about Beneficiaries I am Trustee for

I am Trustee to seven different Beneficiaries around the United States. I filed my first set of documents with the Treasury last year. Recently, I have been contacted by the Treasury to verify an address of one of my  beneficiaries. And more recently, one of my beneficiaris received a copy of the form 8888 with no letter and no explanation. If this whole 1099A thing was not a real thing,  Why would the United States Treasury be trying to verify information??


That sounds like progress thanks for the Info. I haven't heard anything from them yet. I filed for 1 beneficiary in October of last year.

@Rebecca please keep us posted on the information that was received. I just did my mailings just last week, and I included all the forms that were supposed to go with other forms that Chris mentioned. Peace be with you, God bless

Rebecca K Murphy

Because I have received several emails inquiring of the progress I am having with the 1099A process, I wanted to let everyone know what my plan is when I get my funds and how I will let everyone know that I have gotten paid. So here it is: I am fairly certain that I will be contacted by the Treasury and asked to sign some type of "non disclosure" statement. Which is basically stating that I will not tell anyone that I have received funds from the Treasury through the 1099a process. When that happens, I will comment on this thread the phrase, "THE EAGLE HAS LANDED." Feel free to message me at that time as I will NOT be making any public declarations. I am Trustee to seven individuals and I do not want to endanger their success....

sonia sherpa

Hi Rebecca, I'm curious as to when you submitted the trustee forms? Also did you send any 8888s when initially sending them? I submitted a one as beneficiary and one separately as Trustee in November 2022, but didn't file the 8888 with them. Just curious on your timeline compared to mine! :)

Thanks! Sonia

Sarah Jane Rogers

@Rebecca Do you have an update? Are you still acting as trustee for people?