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1099a Adventure

Rebecca K Murphy

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on 01/19/2023 01:53:48

So... I have acted as Trustee for five people. The first paperwork that I sent to the Treasury Department was dated July 29, 2022. The last paperwork I sent in was dated 11/27/2022. Today is 01/11/2023. I received communication from the IRS regarding paperwork  date stamped on September 22, 2022.

The letter is concerning the beneficiary's address on my paperwork not being the same as the last tax return that she filed. She has married and moved since last year's tax filing.  Inside the "packet" that was sent to me is the 1040V I submitted to them, the form 8888, that I sent them, and the form 56 that I submitted to them and the "face" of the envelope that I sent the paperwork to them in. 

I have been instructed to fill out and send back to the IRS form 8822, which is a change of address form. There is also a "voucher" included in the "packet." Which appears to be something similar to a "cover letter." It has all sorts of numbers and a bar code on it. They are not telling me to return  the form 56 nor the form 1040V back to them...I completely understand what they are telling me to do. I don't understand why they have sent the form 56 and the 1040V back to me. I must respond within 30 days. 

I am beyond excited that this appears to be working!!! As I stated at the beginning of this post, I am being a trustee to help five people. Some paperwork dated before September and some after. Other people teaching the 1099a process that said to send  the form 56 and the 1040V to Janet Yelton or her successor. I don't believe that Chris said to do this... Please advise...

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