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5 steps to Objection!

Finn: Sol

I Object!

Judge Grants the objection or Denies/Overrules

 I take Exception!

This raises the objection to a higher level. It has made the record, but the judge is still neutral. The judge responds: "Your exception is noted."

I move the question be certified.

This is requesting the judge to ask a higher court to back him up in the objection. (If ever befuddled when asked for the basis of objection, ask the court recorder to read back the record.) The objector feels the judge is prejudice or disqualified so he must consult a higher court. If the judge agrees to certify, the litigant responds, "I move the court for recess pending the written certification of the question." If the judge responds: "The motion denied" (denial of certification of the question) then: I move the court for leave to file an interlocutory appeal.

A petition is put before the court of appeals to consider the question. One must request permission to approach the court of appeals. You can then move for recess until a decision comes from the court of appeals and suggest 60-90 days. Bring a motion in the court of appeals for a stay of proceedings until a decision is made. If you are denied your motion to file, the interlocutory appeal you must respond with:

I serve notice upon the court of my intent to petition the Court of Appeals for leave to file an interlocutory appeal.

Then move for recess. If motion to recess is denied, respond with: "I reserve my rights and further participation from now on is under fear, threat, and duress.