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Another way to win in court…

Finn: Sol

Here is what to say:

The judges do not want this known but you’d never get a bar attorney to help you with this!

This was reported to have happened in an LA Superior Court recently:

A woman said four things –

First – I do not consent to these proceedings.

Second – Your offer is not accepted.

Third – I do not consent to being surety for this case and these proceedings.

Fourth – I demand the bond be immediately brought forward so I can see who will indemnify me if I am damaged.

The judge dismissed the case immediately and told her to leave the court.

Someone had listened to what she said and when they were called for their case, they repeated her words, and the judge dismissed his case, told him to leave the court, got up and told everyone the court was closed and would not be open till the next day and left the court.