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Declare in writing you are a man or woman.

Finn: Sol

Method explained:

“Many people are worried when they’re writing out anything that they want to put into court about using their name. Don’t be afraid of your name. It’s yours. Be proud of it. It’s not going to hurt you.

If you go in as a person, your name is going to be written all over you. It’s on your back. It’s like a monkey. It’s going to ride you and ride you hard.

But if you stand up and say, “I’m a man. My name is Freeman ______.”

That’s it. I’ve already claimed my status. I’m a man.  From then on in, no one can tell me that I’m a person. You’ve just done away with all of their myth.

So, you want to be a man or a woman. So, I’m a man in court. But how do I become a man in court. That’s your paperwork. You’re going to an administrative court. An administrative court can only hear your paperwork. You’ve no voice until you tell them who you are. And you tell them with your paperwork. A 2D court can’t hear a 3D voice. It can only hear 2D paperwork.

So, the first thing you’ve got to do is enter some paperwork into that court to a court number (?) to say I’m a man. Once you’ve done that, you’ve claimed your status. You’ve said to them, I a man in this venue have a voice. Once you’ve got a voice you can speak.

This will terrify them. Of course, it’s going to terrify them. Who wants to be talked to as a man in their court. They’re all persons.  The judge is a person. The clerk of the court is a person. The solicitor is a person. Everybody else there is a person.

And don’t try to be clever. Don’t try and say oh the paperwork they’ve sent me what they’re trying to do… Be a simple man. A simple man can only read what’s written in front of him. So, if you’ve got a summons from the Judge’s Court and Revenue, I expect the Judge’s Court and Revenue to be in court because the Judge’s court and revenue, according to that piece of paper in front of me is the one who’s bringing the claim and I want to hear the claimant’s voice.

So, you say the nine words.

I a man require the plaintiff appear in court.

Or “claimant appear in court” depends on what your summons says. And when you get to court, because you’ve put the paperwork in.