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Face Mask Exemption Cards (Just in case...)

Finn: Sol

This is optimized for business card size, and the grey lines on the four borders are hand-cutting guidelines.  If you can, print these on heavier card stock, or even better, LAMINATE!!

1) Right click the image, then left click “Copy Image.”

2) Paste the image into a blank word processing document such as in Word Pad or Word.

3) Hold the shift key while clicking and moving a corner of the image will resize the image.  Holding the shift key preserves the horizontal and vertical proportions when resizing.

4) A margin bar at the top of the document page shows units in inches.  Use this built-in ruler to set the width of the card image on the page to 3.5 inches. The vertical dimension of the card will automatically go to 2 inches when resize is done with the shift key held down.

5) Print document.

6) Cut out printed card.