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Finn: Sol

Like I said before, if you want to protect yourself from being subject to State codes and statutes, you got to have EQUITY in something. I.e., you buy a car with gold or US coins, so you just didn't give the seller promissory FRN debt notes, but something of ACTUAL (intrinsic) value.

Then you have an EQUITABLE CLAIM and can argue that the State does NOT have security interest in that car. FYI, when you register your car, the State acquires PERFECTED SECURITY INTEREST in it. I.e., it has a LIEN against it, which is why it can make you obey State Vehicle Code.

But with an equitable claim, you can BAR the State from enforcing its Code against you, or otherwise get a REMEDY against the State, since Equity supersedes Law. That is, even if you lose the legal case against you, you still can get REMEDY in Equity. Here's what lawyers say about equitable claims:

There are two types of claims: legal and equitable. While plaintiffs pursuing a legal claim ask a court to award money, litigants bringing an equitable claim ask a court to either prompt or stop a particular action or event.

Equitable Claims
A plaintiff who seeks equitable relief is asking the court for an injunction. An injunction is a court order compelling a party to do or refrain from doing a specified act.

A court awards an injunction to prevent a future harmful action -- rather than to compensate for a past injury --or to provide relief from harm for which an award of money damages is not a satisfactory solution or for which a monetary value is impossible to calculate.

Example: The Springfield City Council decides to re-zone a parcel of residential land as commercial land. The neighbors, who own homes on the neighboring parcels, are not pleased by this decision. The neighbors can sue the City Council and ask the court to issue a preliminary or permanent injunction to block the law from taking effect.

In this example the neighbors can't just say we don't like the rezoning, they got to have a VALID REASON, i.e., an Equitable claim. Such as that the rezoning will harm them, or decrease value of their properties, etc.

So basically, when you buy a car with gold coins, and you're not a resident of their corporate State (no ZIP code in your address), then you could ask the court for injunction against the State, even before you get charged with any traffic violation. And if granted, then the corporate State would be barred from giving you any traffic tickets.

BTW, there already are some people who used injunction to be put on the DO NOT DETAIN list, so that when a cop pulls them over, he sees 'do not detain' in his car computer and has no choice but to leave them go.