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I do not consent. How to win in court

Finn: Sol

Here’s what to say:

Do not sign anything.

Do not get a lawyer.

You tell the judge this word for word and nothing else.

This is for the record. I am here in the body of flesh and blood.

(Now read these four sentences)

1) I do not consent to these proceedings.

2) Your offer is not accepted.

3) I do not consent to being surety for this case and these proceedings.

4) I demand the bond be immediately brought forward so I can see who will indemnify me if [I’m] damaged.

Your case will be dismissed.

The judge has no choice other than to dismissal of your case he/she cannot bring up the bond. Then give this to every defendant. The courts will close down because the courts are a Private Business and not a justice machine as originally thought.


You might also want to get the case discharged and with prejudice. A dismissed case may be re-opened. A discharged case may not. Similarly, with prejudice means, though maybe in a different way, that the case can’t be re-tried. At least get the case dismissed with prejudice. The “with prejudice” part should do the trick. Also, you might say to the judge that it is your wish. “I wish that the case be discharged with prejudice.” You may only wish for something. Never want of anything. Wants may be denied.