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I received a letter from the IRS after filing my SPC paperwork. What does it mean?

Finn: Sol

Here's the main snippet of what they are saying:

>>>>>   This is in response to your correspondence on July __, 20__. [My paperwork was filed MONTHS ago] We have determined the arguments you raised are frivolous and have no basis in law.  Federal courts have consistently ruled against arguments and imposed significant fines for taking such frivolous positions.
If you persist in sending frivolous correspondence, we will not continue to respond to it.  Our lack of response to further correspondence does not in any way convey agreement or acceptance of the arguments advanced.  If you desire to comply with the law concerning your tax liability, you are encouraged to seek the advice of a reputable tax attorney or practitioner.
The claims received in your correspondence do not relieve you of your legal responsibilities to file federal tax returns and pay taxes.  We urge you to honor those legal duties. 
This letter advises you of the legal requirements for filing and paying federal individual income tax returns and informs you of the possible consequences of the position you have taken.  Please observe that the Internal Revenue Code sections listed below expressly authorize IRS employees who expressly act on behalf of the Secretary of the Treasury to:

1) examine [documents]

2) issue summons ... to ascertain liability

3) collect ... liabilities.
There are some people who encourage others to violate our nation's tax laws by arguing that there is no legal requirement for them to file income tax returns or pay income taxes.  These people base their arguments on legal statements taken out of context on frivolous arguments that have been repeatedly rejected in federal courts.  People who rely on this information can ultimately pay more in taxes, interest, and penalties than they would have paid simply by filing tax returns. 
People who violate the tax laws also may be subject to federal criminal prosecution and imprisonment.  Information on the IRS's criminal enforcement program is available on the Internet at:
The IRS is working with the USDOJ and state taxing authorities to ensure that all taxpayers pay their lawful share of taxes and to seek criminal indictments or civil enforcement actions against people who promote and join in abusive and fraudulent tax schemes. 
[codes and statutes and fines] ... If you have any questions, please write to us at the address shown at the top of the first page of this letter.  Or you may call us toll free at 1-800- [IRS SUCKS]. Whenever you write, please include this letter and, in the spaces below, give us your telephone number with the hours we can reach you.  You may also wish to keep a copy of this letter for your records.   <<<<< The correspondence I have sent them are SS-4, W8-BEN Form 56, and Notification of Record ALL of these documents were sent certified mail and had my CURRENT SPC address on them - the return letter was issued to a previous address from my last known tax return (two years ago).
My filing was completed sometime in January.  The date this suggests the office received my document was just at the beginning of this last month!   What does it mean and what do I do with it?  

Firstly, whoever helped you with the W8BEN and Form 56 should be helping you with this issue... Since you've chosen the SPC rout to status, capacity, and standing ... whoever helped do your paperwork should help you through this issue.

The following is my opinion based on what I've learned over the years studying this: Not copied out of some book... This will hopefully be another starting point for further study.

The response letter you received looks familiar and many people who submit paperwork like we often submit get these letters. If you read every sentence in that letter, many clues should pop out at you.... Words like courts, legal, legal requirement, etc... So, one should look at why they are saying this... First of all, almost any letter is an offer of contract... what do you do if someone offers to do business with you, but you don't want to? Returned, Rejected, Offer of Contract Rejected For Cause is what I would do... because they will use YOUR silence as agreement.

Also, what would give them a presumed jurisdiction over you and/or the Franchise ALL CAPS? Here is a possible short list:

Using their forms, Your Signature on those forms, Driver License, Voter Registration, Credit Cards, FRNs in your wallet, Bank Accounts, hunting license, licenses of any form, lack of declaration of status of your "political" status (and I don't mean republican, democrat, libertarian, independent, or constitutionalist). I will explain more below, but the list goes on. Does any of this fit you? It fits 99.9% of people out there... unless one is living under a rock as a recluse.

Before I type any more, I believe it is extremely important for everyone here to be studying as much as possible on these issues. It takes years to fully understand what is going on and the remedies to each one's issues. I will say, there is a remedy for just about everything with the caveat that remedies greatly decrease if there is an actual injured party (i.e., you stole from someone or physically injured someone).

In my reference to political status, we have an unalienable right to choose our status that is backed up by the Doctrine of Election. Until one makes that election, it is assumed and presumed from the time our Moms signed that BC application and especially 7 years later when the property (the estate) is considered abandoned, that we are surety for that artificial creation/fiction of law ALL CAPS entity with that estate considered abandoned... to be used by whomever until one's eyes and ears are opened and one steps up to claim the abandoned estate. This is why you may have heard that the BC is worth millions... (this goes much deeper).

Until one clears all this up, and puts the govt on notice with confirmation of such change in status, capacity, and standing, one will likely continue to deal with the issues you are having... even then it may continue for some time to come as we continue to learn how to deal with the "system" in the "matrix"... Many (most) "patriots" have the impression that there is some magic paperwork and once this paperwork sprinkled with fairy dust and is handed over to govt officials all their problems will magically disappear, and they will live happily ever after. This is a fairy tale. Not only does the paperwork need to be the correct paperwork, properly executed, but the paperwork must be worked and enforced... Enforcement on many levels is still being worked on by people on the front lines of this, but much has been figured out with some even having reached the "Finish Line."

Finally, I will talk about the law form I choose to use and embrace as much as possible in my life... It is called "Exclusive Equity."

The word "exclusive" is significant because maxims state if something is excluded, then only what is included matters (roughly paraphrased) ... Exclusive equity excludes all other law forms. Why do we want this... Well... this means codes, rules, regulations, statutes, laws are all excluded and only the maxims of equity apply... There are 20 major maxims... many more though. Some very important ones would be Equity will not aid a volunteer well clearly you wrote to the IRS that you mentioned that taxes are voluntary... yes, they are... for a NON VOLUNTEER. Did you volunteer to get a DL, SSN, Voter Registration, or any of the above mentioned adhesion contracts?... then you are a volunteer. Another: Equity will do what should have been done This means equity has the ability to "Time Travel" and correct mistakes from the past...

I might suggest looking up these maxims and studying them until one completely understands them. Some of them are written in a way that is not clear in our language of today.

In 1907 a book was published called Suits in Equity. It was written by a judge by the name of Gibson... very long book but contains many answers. Another study book would be Equity and the Law of Trusts", Phillip H. Pettit, 12th edition. Most private trusts use Equity... Hint... if one has an issue and is able to turn said issue into a trust, wouldn't the laws of trust (Equity) take over???? Humm... remedy?

Personal Note: That is the IRS breakup letter. If you send us anything else, we will charge you $5000. Sounds like a great reason to me to have no further dealings with them. In my experience that is a good thing!