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IRS CAFV Set Example

Finn: Sol

Cover Letter

This is in response to ___________________attached hereto. The included “Proof of Claim/Discovery” is sent to you to help us decipher the following:

a) Whether the assessment or presentment is a legitimate presentment from your agency as such was provided without adherence to or signed under penalty of perjury pursuant to 26 IRC 6065. For all we know this is a hoax or a fraud or an attempt at extortion.

b) Whether the assessment was done properly with sound accounting procedures based on factual information not speculation & hearsay.

c) The liability that we have in regards to the assessment.

Please complete the response within 30 days or we will assume that there is no outstanding liability, that no liability exists, & the aforesaid letter was simply a misnomer or a hoax.

Please note that we will not send a check or funds until such liability is established & assessed properly in full.