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Finn: Sol

There are likely several different views/opinions on this... here is mine. Firstly, you sign on behalf of the FICTION ALL CAPS... you are the trustee/surety. Well then who is the beneficiary??? Who owns the name? Whose name is at the top of the birth certificate? The name was registered... anytime you "register" something... partial title is given to the "state" vs equitable title. Why can they take your vehicle if you don't pay a traffic ticket? Because they own legal title... you have equitable title... you can drive the vehicle... sell it when you want... but the state owns legal title to it. They hold the MCO.

The IRS is a private company. They don't own the land nor the NAME... They are a debt collector. The King of England still owns the land because the U.S. defaulted on an agreement... back in the 1700s I believe... don't remember... But each county collects the land taxes and part of that goes to the King.

The "loan" you get from the mortgage company is not really a loan. Your signature is the "source of original issue" (Modern Money Mechanics). Which makes you the surety for the note. There are three parties to any transaction. The surety, the creditor, and the debtor. The FICTION ALL CAPS is the debtor... mortgage company is the creditor; you are the surety. You wear two hats if you know how to.

The surety has power over the creditor... if the debtor defaults... the surety can tell the creditor to do its job to collect or the surety is redeemed from any liability regarding the matter... this is called subrogation. If you've read many of my previous posts, you have seen me write about this. The surety is the highest position on the totem pole, not the creditor. The surety must now how to behave... Equity Maxim: Those who slumber on their rights have none.

That said, most anyone I've heard that have won their mortgage/foreclosure cases lately have done it using subrogation and some have had to go to the supreme court. Either way trust law and exclusive equity was used to do it.