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Susan Carlin

I followed the instructions in the course by taking screen shots of each example page.

Then, I followed the examples.

Easy to follow; just take your time.

Remember, we are learning a new paradigm of thinking.

At 74, If I can do this, YOU can do this.

Today I am sending certified mail with a return receipt using the same method

(with an additional 2 cent stamp (signed in gold ink) in the lower right hand corner, as instructed in the course.

I'll let you know how this one goes.

BTW, I somehow knew that I MUST learn to simply ASK the PO worker to "just BOP this, please" as though it's something I've been doing forever!

Tina Scott

I actually have sent out about a 100 prepaid postage. There is a specific way to do the addresses. For example where you put your information on the top left, it needs to have your first name, sui juris behind it, then next line but in care of, then next couple of lines, write out the entire address and after your state, put Republic, next line you need to put NON-DOMESTIC, WITHOUT U.S
Then whom you address it too, make sure you put brackets around the zip code. DON'T PUT A ZIP CODE ONE YOUR ADDRESS. It has worked every time. I also have the labels that I have printed, signed it in red, red thumb print, one cent stamp at the bottom right and signed my name through the stamp

@Tina Scott - Did you use your beneficiary signature on the one-cent stamp?

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James Scarborough
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I have tried number times, I also printed off about 50 pages for these Alabama, stuck up, know it all postal workers who don't have a clue what national or international truly means. It's frustrating