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Mailing for FREE worked for me


I mailed off 6 certified mail letters a few weeks ago. I just grabbed some forms from the Post Office while i was there, and filled them out at home.

I followed the instructions from the Legalibus site, and made up labels for the postage. Examples in the course show a little bit different verbage than what I used, and I will try this next example on my next round of communications.

5 out of 6 made it through, 5 out of 6 green return cards made it back as well, with the failed attempt being stuck at Comcasts location/mail room/post office. Its green return mail post card was still intact. 

I dont know the exact location it was intercepted and re-routed back to me. It had a bunch of stamped verbage:  POSTAGE DUE!!!

Overall, this attempt is a big win in my books!!!

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Russ A

You can also go to and order the paper copies of certified mail forms sent to your home, instead of going physically to the post office!!