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Truck Pay Off Push Back!


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on 01/04/2023 17:25:38

Hi, Mindy from Columbia TN, I sent my payoff amount with a letter of explanation and all of the necessary forms they would need in order to receive their money, certified mail. They sent a reply by email within the 10 days I gave them to respond. They said I would have an answer by 12/22/22. It was in the mail that day., They rejected it but they did not send back my package that I sent them. Si I am about to send another letter with the UCC codes on it (
that I did not include) This is also payment on a 2016 Truck that the transmission went out on 9 months ago and I can't even drive it. I need to buy a new vehicle. I have reached out to a friend at a dealership and waiting on a meeting in order to go explain the process. Loolks like we need some connections because everyone else thinks Im a joke or crazy. I also need to buy a home. I have had a very rough 5 years and desperately need this. I have followed Chris faithfully for almost a year now. I am in a world of hurt, just had to leave my home because my boyfriend rang in the new year by ringing my bell so I am homeless now and rideless. I don't make a lot of money but I work every day. I am tryinjg hard BUT it is hard to keep my head up . So if anyone has any contacts I do not mind making a trip to buy a vehicle or to speak with a title company about a home I would like to buy. Help please! 

Can attorney fees be paid using this process? I was under the impression any service. Thanks and God Bless.