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Today the majority of Americans pay taxes because when they get a job their employer requests that they fill out either: Internal Revenue Service Form W-2, Form W-4, or Form 1099, which, as a direct result, with holds taxes from their paychecks for their labor. The majority doesn't have a clue as to why they are paying these taxes in the first place, other than being conditioned to pay their so-called 'Fair Share! ‘It has been affirmed that labor is a fundamental, unalienable, protected right and this fundamental right is not supposed to be taxed. No profit of gain is to be realized via your labor! It is presumed that everyone is expected to know the law. It has been long held that, ignorance of the Law is not an excuse or a defense. There is a well-established maxim that states, "He who fails to assert his rights - HAS NONE!" which unequivocally establishes that, just as a closed mouth never gets fed, "a matter must be expressed to be resolved. “The Bible, Book of Luke, 11th Chapter 52nd verse states: "Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering ye hindered. "When it comes to dealing with lawyers, government, and the Internal Revenue Service (which is not an agency of the United States Government, but a private foreign-owned corporation) withholding and keeping knowledge from the people is nothing new. It is a common business tactic that has been going on from the beginning of its inception. It will, most likely continue as long as we rely upon lawyers and government to do that which we ourselves should be doing. The Bible unquestionably verifies this with the following: Book of Isaiah, 5th Chapter 13th verse tells us: "Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge;" and the Book of Hosea, 4 Chapter 6th verse: "My people are destroyed fora lack of knowledge. "In order to find the answer as to why your labor is being taxed when the Constitution says it is not supposed to be, it is necessary to understand how government exists and operates. To accomplish this requires a quick review back in history to the time of the War Between the States. The People of this Nation lost their true Republican form of government. On March 27, 1861, seven southern States walked out of Congress leaving the entire legislative Branch of Government without quorum. The Congress of the Constitution was dissolved for inability to disband or re-convene. The Republican form of Government, which the People were guaranteed - ceased to exist. Out of necessity to operate the Government, President Lincoln issued Executive Order No. 2. in April 1861, reconvening the Congress at gunpoint in Executive, emergency, martial-law-rule jurisdiction. Since that time there has been no "'de jure" (sanctioned by law) Congress. Everything functions under "color of law" (the appearance or semblance, without substance, of legal right.) Through Executive Orders under authority of the War Powers, (i.e., emergency, i.e., law of "Necessity knows no law" (the law of forbidding killing is voided when done in self-defense)."In time of war, laws are silent. " Cicero. To establish the underlying debt of the Government to the Bankers, to create corporate entities that are legally subject to the jurisdiction in which they exist, and to create the jurisdiction itself correctly, the so-called (fraudulent and un-ratified) Fourteenth Amendment was proclaimed and passed in 1868. This was a cestui que trust (operation in law) incorporated in a military, private, International, commercial, de facto jurisdiction created by, and belonging to, the Money Power, existing within the emergency of the War Powers, the only operational jurisdiction since the dissolution of Congress in 1861. Through the 1 4th Amendment, an artificial person-corporate entity-franchise entitled” citizen of the United States" was born into private, corporate limited liability. Section 4of the 1 4th Amendment states: "The validity of the Public Debt of the United States (to the Bankers) ... shall not be questioned. "Within the above-referenced private jurisdiction of the International B ankers, the private and foreign owned "Congress" formed a corporation, commercial agency, and Government for the "District of Columbia" on February 21, 1871, Chapter 62, 16 Stat. 419. This corporation was reorganized June 11, 1878, Chapter 180, 20 Stat. 102, and renamed” United States Government. " This corporation privately trade marked the names:” United States, " "U. S., " "US, " "U. S.A., " "USA" and "America. "When the United States declared itself a municipal corporation, it also created what is known as a cestui que trust to function under by implementing the Federal Constitution of 1871 and incorporating the previous United States Constitutions of 1787 and 1791 as amended, as by-laws. Naturally, as the grantor of the trust, this empowered the United States Government to change the terms of the trust at will. As evidenced under the Federal Constitution of 1871, the 14th Amendment, the People of the United States, without their consent, were declared "Citizens" and granted "Civil Rights. " These so called civil rights are nothing more than mere privileges. Privileges which government licenses, regulates, and can re-interpret to suit its purposes at any time for any reason. The Federal Corporate Government also conveniently somehow forgot to disclose to the People that the term "Citizen," with which they have made every living and breathing inhabitant a "subject," was defined in law as a "Vessel" engaged in commerce. In 1 9 1 2, when the bank-owned bonds that were keeping the US Government afloat became due, the B ankers refused to re-finance the debt. As a result, the colorable, martial law ruled Congress was compelled to pass the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This Act surrendered Constitutional authority to create, control, and manage the entire money supply of the United States to a handful of private, mostly foreign bankers. This placed exclusive creation and control of the money within the private, commercial, foreign, and military jurisdiction of 1861, into corporate limited liability. America converted from United States Notes to Federal Reserve Notes, beginning with the passage of The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Federal Reserve Banks were incorporated in 1914, and, in 1916, began to circulate their private, corporate Federal Reserve Notes as "money" alongside the nations "de jure" currency, the United States Notes. Whereas United States Notes were actually warehouse receipts for deposits of gold and silver in a warehouse (bank), thus representing wealth (substance, portable land; the money of sovereigns), the new flat money (Federal Reserve Notes) amounted to "bills for that which was yet to be paid, " i.e., for what was owed! For the new "benefit" of being able to carry around U.S. Government debt instruments (Federal Reserve Notes) in our wallets instead of Gold Certificates or Silver Certificates, we agreed to redeem the newly issued Federal Reserve Notes in gold and also to pay interest for their use in gold ONLY! Essentially, the Fed issued paper with pretty green ink on it, and we agreed to give them gold in exchange for the "privilege" of using it. Such was the bargain. Through paying interest to the Federal Reserve Corporation in gold, the US Treasury became progressively depleted of its gold. America's gold certificates, coin, and bullion were continually shipped off to the coffers of various European Banks and Power Elite. In 1933, when the Treasury was drained and the debt was larger than ever (a financial condition known as " Insolvency"), President Roosevelt proclaimed the bankruptcy of the United States. Every 1 4th Amendment "citizen of the United States "was pledged as an asset to finance the Chapter 11 re-organization expenses and pay interest in perpetuity to the CREDITORS (Federal Reserve Bankers) and the "national debt" ( "which shall not be questioned").On March 9, 1933 , Congress passed the Amendatory Act (also known as the Emergency Banking Relief Act) to the Trading with the Enemy Act (originally passed on October 6, 1917) at a time when the United States was not in a shooting war with any foreign foe that included the People of the United States as the enemy. At the conference of Governors held on March 6, 1933, the Governors of the 48 States of the Union accommodated the Federal Bankruptcy of the United States Corporation by pledging the faith and credit of their State to the aid of the National Government . . . which attached to YOU !Senate Document 43 of the 73rd Congress, 1st Session ( 1 933) did declare that ownership of ALL PROPERTY is in the STATE and individual so-called ownership is only by virtue of government, i.e. law amounting to "mere-user" only; and individual use of all property is subordinate to the necessities of the United States Government. Under House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933, Senate Report No. 93549, and Executive Orders 6072, 6012 and 6246, the Congress and President Roosevelt officially declared bankruptcy of the United States Government. Regardless of the cause or reason, what many Americans either do not understand and/or have failed to seriously grasp, is that by the use of Federal Reserve Notes; (which is not Constitutional Money defined under Article I Section 1 0 of the United States Constitution), the People of the United States, since 1933, have not had any Constitutionally lawful way to pay their debts. They, therefore, have not had any way to buy or own property. The People, for the benefits granted to them by a bankrupt corporate Government, discharge their debts with limited liability using Federal Reserve Notes. They have surrendered, by way of an unconscionable contract, any semblance of’ Rights ' as exchanges for mere privileges! A review of countless United States Supreme Court decisions since the 1 938, landmark case, Erie Railroad v. Tompkins, (304 U.S. 64-92) clearly establishes that only the State has Constitutional Rights, not the People. The People have been pledged to the bankruptcy of 1933. The federal law administered in and by the United States is the private commercial "law" of the CREDITORS. That, due to the bankruptcy, every” citizen of the United States " is pledged as an asset to support the bankruptcy, must work to pay the insurance premiums on the underwriting necessary to keep the bankrupt government in operation under Chapter II Bankruptcy (Reorganization). That upon the declared Bankruptcy, Americans could operate and function only through their corporate colored, State created, ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS-NAME, - that has no access to sovereignty, substance, rights, and standing in law. The Supreme Court also held the” general (Universal) common law" no longer is accessible and in operation in the federal courts based on the 1933 bankruptcy, which placed everything into the realm of private, colorable law merchant of the Federal Reserve CREDITORS. To take this to a different level, and not only explain why you pay taxes, but also why you do not own the house you live in, the car you drive, or own anything else you think you've bought and paid for etc., you will need to understand that their State Government and its CREDITORS own it all. If you think you own your home just because you believe you paid for it using those Federal Reserve Notes, just like everything else you possess by permission of Government, simply stop paying your taxes, (user-fees and licenses) and see just how long Government and the CREDITORS allow you to keep it before they come to take it away from you. How can all this really be? Why haven't you been told all of this before now? Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Every man is deemed (required) to know the law. Government expects you to know the law and holds you fully accountable for doing so. Ignoring these facts will not protect you. The majority of American's have been given a Public government Education to teach them only what the Public, i.e., government (CREDITORS) wants them to know. It is and always has been each individual's personal responsibility, duty and obligation to learn and know the law. What this breaks down to is this: B ack in 1933, when their United States went into bankruptcy because it could no longer pay its debts, it pledged the American People, themselves, without their consent as the asset to keep the government afloat and operating. Because government no longer had any way to pay its debts with substance, and was bankrupt, it lost its sovereignty and standing in law. Outside and separate from Constitutional Government, to continue to function and operate, it created an artificial world consisting of artificial entities. This was accomplished by taking everyone's proper birth given name and creating what is called a "fiction in law," by way of an acronym, i.e. A name written in ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS to interact with. A name written in ALLCAPITAL-LETTERS is not a sentient, flesh and blood man. It is a corporation, fiction, or deceased person. Government, as well as all corporations, including the Internal Revenue Service, cannot interact with you or interact with you via your proper name given you at birth, only through your ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS-NAME! Another little tidbit of knowledge which has been conveniently kept from the People is this: When the Several united States signed the treaty with Great Britain ending the Revolutionary War, it was a concession that ALL COMMERCE would be regulated and contracted through British Attorney's known as Esquires only. This condition and concession still exist today. No attorney or lawyer in the United States of America has ever been "licensed" to practice law (they've exempted themselves) as they are a legal fiction "person" and only an "ADMITTED MEMBER" to practice in the private franchise club called the BAR (which is itself an acronym for the British or Barrister Aristocratic Accreditation Regency), and as such are un-registered foreign agents, and so they are traitors. Esquires (Unconstitutional Title of honor and nobility =Esquires), foreign non-citizens (aliens) are specifically prohibited from ever holding any elected Public Office of trust whatsoever! Article I, Section 9, clause 8, states: "No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatsoever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State. "A s a direct result, attorneys and lawyers cannot and do not represent you in your 'Private Capacity. ' Attorneys and lawyers represent corporations, artificial persons, and fictions - ONLY!

What the majority in this country fail to recognize is this: because of the bankruptcy and having been pledged as an asset to the National Government's debt, this makes all   citizens DEBTORS under Chapter 11. DEBTORS in bankruptcy have lost their solvency, have NO RIGHTS, no STANDING IN LAW, and are at the mercy of the CREDITORS . . . via their attorneys. All courts today sit and operate as Non-Constitutional, Non-Article Three Legislative Tribunals administering the bankruptcy via their " statutes," ("codes. ") All Courts are Title1 1 Bankruptcy Courts where these statutes are, in reality, "commercial obligations" being applied for the "benefit" or "privilege" of discharging debts with limited liability of the Federal Reserve-monopoly, colorable-money Federal Reserve Notes (debt Instruments) .This means every time you end up before a court - not only do you NOT have any standing in law to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, YOU HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ! Why? Because you are a DEBTOR under the bankruptcy and, in addition to having contracted away your rights in exchange for benefits and privileges, you do not have one single shred of evidence to establish otherwise. In bankruptcy, ONLY CREDITORS have rights! In a nutshell, as a DEBTOR, you have no rights. Rights are reduced to mere privileges which are licensed, regulated, and can be altered, amended, and changed to meet whatever the particular or special needs of their government may be for whatever whim. If taking away your home, your car, taxing your labor, or locking you up for violating any of the Sixty MILLION plus legislatively created DEBTOR codes and statutes they have on the books today happens to meet the needs of their government - it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize who the loser will be!