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Unlimited ability to discharge/set-off debt!

Finn: Sol

We all have the unlimited ability to discharge/set-off debt. 

Lots of options. You can discharge/Settle with an administrative process. 

Affidavits of truth, turning the charging instrument into a money order, notice of Disclaimer of Voluntary and/or implied trustee-ships, accept and acknowledge the case number, as grantee with intent and purpose flip the presumed trusteeship instead of you being the presumed trustee for the ALL CAPS name and surety for the case, as grantor, notice of conveyance of title, possibly make the prosecutor or clerk the trustee, show cause why you are presumed to be a dead corporate entity, or the surety/trustee for such. Tolling of time, Notice of default/agreement of the parties, notice of claim, certification of trust, notice of duties of the trustee.

If they deny the trust, if the trustee fails to act= Breach of trust. 

Maxim: No trust will fail for lack of a trustee.

Not a complete list, but gives you an idea of what to study.