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Would it be a good decision to hire a trust attorney as an independent trustee?

Finn: Sol

If it were me, I would not hire an attorney.

The idea of SPC, private american national, etc Status' is to be at arms length from commerce while being in control of the entities one uses to stay at arms length. 

Our intent should be to be as private as possible... non statutory. I believe hiring an attorney for almost anything would likely defeat that purpose. 

To gain knowledge, understanding, and "In the Matrix" point of views, one may want to go do a free or $100 consult with one.. just so one is making decisions based as much information as possible.

There are excellent books on trusts and trust law.. I believe when one chooses this path of SPC and Private American, one must commit to studying it intensely, learning it exactly, and living it passionately and as completely as possible.