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Would sending this letter actually work? (Based on the book : Meet Your Strawman)

John Soto

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on 04/07/2023 02:51:50

In the book Meet Your Strawman the process used to handle debts to banks is as follows.

Write the financial institution, saying that you agree to pay any financial obligation which you might lawfully owe, the condition they provide:

1. Validation of debt-that is the actual accounting.

2.Verification of their claim against you; that is a signed Invoice.

3. A copy of the Contract binding both parties (you and them), in a letter by 'certified mail' so that there is an independent "witness to it having been delivered."

Every letter should be marked clearly "without prejudice' which means you reserve all your rights and you accept no contract unless it is shown to be a lawful by meeting the four essential conditions to a lawful binding contract-----namely:

1: Full disclosure (you were not told that you were actually creating the credit with your wet ink signature);

2.Equal consideration (they brought nothing of value to the table and so had nothing to lose);

3. Lawful Terms and Conditions (your's were based on fraud);

4. The wet ink signatures of both parties----(corporations can't sign because they have no right or mind to contract since they are soul-less legal fictions; and furthermore, no third party can sign a contract on their behalf. 

Would someone validate or add to this piece of advice from this book, as I am trying to discharge several credit card debts to banks. 

Thank you to everyone in this community. Peace, love, and freedom to all of you!