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Writ of Mandamus and Replevin (Example Letter)

Finn: Sol

Here is a writ of mandamus and replevin. Send this along with a copy of your document package to the Vital Statistics and the two Bureau of Land Management on the document. As the living man/woman you are the original supreme court. Just copy and paste into a word document, save, and print.

In The Court of John of the house Doe
The Original Supreme Court

Tracy Stone-Manning, Director
Bureau of Land Management Washington Office
1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5665
Washington DC 20240

Nada Wolff Culver
Bureau of Land Management
Principal Deputy Director, Human Capital Management
1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5611
Washington, DC 20240




Writ of Mandamus & Replevin

Before Abraham was, I am, the Divine Spirit having a human experience, Heir to the Divine Estate, Beneficiary to the Divine Estate Trust named above.

It has been established in fact that:

The Birth Certificate represents my Estate Trust;

The Office of Vital Statistics issued the certified copy of the Birth Certificate, therefore, the Office of Vital Statistics must hold the original Birth Certificate;

The Office of Vital Statistics is the holder in due course and intermediary agent of the estate trust;

As holder in due course and intermediary agent The Office of Vital Statistics has a mandatory fiduciary duty to the Entitlement holder;

As Heir to the estate and Beneficiary to the trust, I am the Proper Party and Entitlement Holder of the  Estate Trust;

The Divine Estate was created under the 13 month 28 day lunar cycle [1320 vibration], a natural cycle of balance and harmony operating in tune with nature and Nature's Law;

Under your administration the estate trust has been administrated under the distorted 12 month 30 day time matrix which blocks the natural flow of energy back to Source creating imbalance and dis-ease adversely affecting the estate, the Heir and Beneficiary, causing loss, damage and injury;

Under the un-natural time matrix the civil administration has waged war against the people and created separation where unity once lived, dis-ease and dis-order where balance and harmony once supported order and perfect health;

As Entitlement Holder it is my intent to restore the peace, ending the perpetual war against the people and our estates, returning the All to peace and Harmony, abundance and prosperity.

Breach of Trust

The administration of the Estate Trust under the Office of Vital Statistics has been determined to be a Breach of Trust; an international cure has been provided;

We, the Divine Spirit, object to the administration of my estate trust by the Office of Vital under the distorted 1260 time matrix giving rise to dis-ease and dis-order in their life and estate as well;

As Entitlement Holder of the Estate Trust I have the right to redeem the estate and the right to determine who and how the Estate Trust is administrated;

As Entitlement Holder I provided The Office of Vital Statistics with documentation correcting the error of assumptions under which the estate was administrated and instructed them to make the corrections and return the Estate Trust to Original jurisdiction. The Office of Vital Statistics has dishonored that request placing them in Breach of Trust.

As Entitlement Holder We have an absolute right to have Our Estate Trust withdrawn from the Civil Administration created under the 14th Amendment and the 1260 time matrix and return it to Original jurisdiction and the natural flow of the 1320 cycle of Source.

The Bureau/Office of Land Management has the authority and is the proper party having a mandatory obligation to compel performance of the Intermediary Agent in this matter.

It is hereby Decreed and Order, in the nature of mandamus, the Bureau/Office of Land Management to compel performance to return the Estate Trust to Original jurisdiction and the 1320 vibrational cycle to restore the peace and end the perpetual war against the people and the Divine Estate.

It is Decreed and Ordered this _____day of ______, 20___.

Thumb print              By___________________________________________
                                                   John  Heir & Beneficiary

The Original Supreme Court

P.O. Box 12345, City, ST 00000, USA